Contabo, a German-based provider of virtual private servers and dedicated servers, has announced an improvement to its flagship High-Performance VPS portfolio. All freshly ordered VPS will be fitted with brand new NVMe drives at no additional cost starting today. Contabo customers will benefit from the shift, regardless of whether they use their VPS to host websites, run e-commerce applications, or manage databases.

We've all been frustrated by software that takes a long time to reply. The drive read and write performance (measured in IOPS) is a limiting factor whether we're talking about a slow remote desktop, a CRM that updates a record every 60 seconds, or a sluggish game server. When there is ample RAM and CPU, but a process waits for a disk read/write operation to complete before proceeding, the performance of a VPS is noticeably slowed. Furthermore, because the new software is built to take advantage of new hardware capabilities, updating to the most recent hardware is frequently required to run these workloads efficiently.

This is no longer an issue with NVMe devices, which provide up to 10 times the performance of SSD drives. Contabo uses brand new SAMSUNG NVMe drives, which were chosen for their excellent performance and low acquisition cost. Looking at the manufacturer's specifications, it appears that this drive gives over 1,000,000 Random Read IOPS when the previously utilized SSDs only gave around 100,000 IOPS. As a result, websites will load faster, database queries will run faster, and even Windows on distant workstations will run faster.

Contabo CEO Thomas Noglik stated, "Our goal is to delight consumers with the speed of their VPS while keeping the entry price around $7. We've discovered that most customers would benefit substantially from speedier disks, but they don't require the full storage space VPS SSD provides. That is why, for the same price, we opted to offer a smaller but considerably speedier drive. We've added another option: you can select between quicker NVMe storage and a bigger SSD drive. There's also an option to pay an extra dollar or two for more NVMe storage."'s VPS with the latest NVMe drives are now accessible in all regions across the world. For VPS S, VPS M, VPS L, or VPS XL variants, NVMe drives are selected by default. Larger SSD disks are still available at no extra charge as an alternative. Customers can add additional NVMe storage to their new VPS for a modest cost when they order it.

Customers that participated in the closed beta of the new NVMe VPS were ecstatic: Daljeet Kumar, a Contabo client from India who uses his for personal projects, says, "I would never expect that much performance from a €4.99 VPS." "The disk space is limited, yet it is more than adequate. At the same time, I enjoy that when I buy a new VPS, I have the option of selecting the disk type."

While designing our new NVMe VPS models, our goal was to maintain the low costs we're known for. Contabo is known for giving high performance at a low cost to everyone all over the world. Most of you didn't use all of your VPS disk space, so we thought you'd appreciate the chance to upgrade to a smaller but much quicker drive for the same price. For those who require it, the bigger SSD storage will remain available.

In fact, you don't have to pick between quick NVMe storage and huge SSD storage at all. Simply get our NVMe Storage Extension Add-On to double your VPS's regular NVMe Storage. The first month's fee is only €1!

Due to different partition sizes, VPS with SSD drives cannot be automatically transferred to our new NVMe VPS. You can, however, utilize our VPS Upgrade Tool in the Control Panel to upgrade your current VPS to a larger one (for example, VPS S SSD to VPS M NVMe). Before requesting an upgrade, please make a backup of your data, as we will give you a brand new instance that will be set up from the beginning.

Our NVMe VPS are available in all of the world's regions. Our strong, High-Performance VPS packed with brand-new NVMe drives are close by, whether you or your clients are in the EU, the US, or Asia. Choose your desired Region when setting up your new NVMe VPS.

Visit our VPS website for more details on our updated product line, and check out Contabo's new NVMe VPS today!


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