Smartwatches have long been a faithful companion to smartphones and other mobile devices. They give each user the ability to quickly see any notification.

Smartwatches make human life easier. Thanks to them, the hands are released. The number of unnecessary body movements becomes smaller. Such an electronic device is simply irreplaceable in everyday life. You may need it while driving, in a minibus or on the street.

What about the children? Do they need such a smartwatch?

Sure! Parents are simply forced to buy such a functional gadget for their child.

He should remember that such a device allows adults to monitor their child remotely. There is even a special application for this.

And also, parents should not forget that the gadget offers an opportunity to find out online exactly where the child is. The smartwatch has an application installed. It offers the possibility to define a territory. If the child suddenly violates the parental ban, they will instantly find out about it. They will receive a notification on their device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Important! With the help of smartwatches, parents can fully see the route the child is taking. Consequently, parents can always be informed of the events that happen to their child. They will know exactly where and what time it is.

The main criteria for choosing smartwatches for children

All parents think about the safety of the child. And their desire to solve this problem, by any means, is understandable. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the children's smartwatch was invented precisely to reassure parents.

The gadget has a lot of useful features. First of all, such a smartwatch can replace the phone. Most watch models are of such a nature that they offer the possibility to make and receive calls, as well as to write SMS and communicate through social networks.

The design of the smartwatch you plan to buy must be appropriate for the age of your son or daughter. It is not recommended to buy too colourful devices for a child when he is already 12-14 years old. More moderate colour combinations are suitable for such children. For example, the Wonlex KT14 watch would be a good option.

It should also be borne in mind that smartwatches for children are not just a means of monitoring a child. It is also a modern functional device with great possibilities. A pedometer and a calorie counter are incorporated in such watches. It can even have a sleep monitoring function.

When buying a smartwatch, also pay attention to whether it is waterproof. Children can accidentally wet the device. Therefore, it will always be better to buy a water-resistant smartwatch.

How do you choose smartwatches for children?

Choosing a smartwatch for your child should be not only interesting but also a responsible issue. Therefore, when choosing a model for children, you must take into account certain shades.

Suppose it is important to pay attention to the display of the gadget. It can be coloured or monochrome. It seems that the parameter is not so important. However, let's not forget that we buy the watch for a child. In this case, you know that your son or daughter will be more willing to wear a device that has a colour display.

Important! The GPS module on the smartwatch must be present. This is an indispensable feature on your device. This way, the parent can use the gadget to control where the child is.

The basic functions of a smartwatch for the child

With rare exceptions, all children's smartwatches can perform the same basic functions. Only the quality of the performance differs if they have additional chips and, of course, the price.

Let's talk about the basic set of functions for children's watches:

  • You can track the movement using a GPS tracker.
  • SOS call using the GSM module, which is built into the watch.
  • It offers the ability to listen to the environment, regardless of whether the child wants it.
  • The device notifies that the geofence limit is violated.
  • Provides the ability to call predefined numbers.
  • Pedometer, pulse measurement and alarm clock.

Additional but important functions:

  • It can be determined that the child has removed the watch from his hand (or someone else has removed it). The Twinkler TKY-Q50 has this function.
  • The battery charge is displayed on the watch screen.
  • Voice messages.

Most of the additional functions presented require a special configuration.

How to set up smartwatches for children?

First of all, just before connecting the gadget to a mobile phone, you need to buy a micro-sim card. You will need to put this SIM card in a regular phone and then activate it. Then you need to turn off PIN request and menu upload.

Connect to the Internet via the mobile network. Choose a 2G (EDGE) connection if you have an old version of your smartphone or 3G if you have a new version. Then remove the SIM card from the smartphone and insert it into the child's smartwatch.

How to install and configure applications in smartwatches for children?

When the SIM card registration is complete, the smartwatch for the child can be considered ready to connect to the parents' phone. Select the appropriate smartwatch application and install it on your phone.

The popular "SeTracker" application can be installed for free. The good part of the program is that it has a lot of additional functions. Registration in this is convenient and fast. This does not require knowledge and skills.

To download the program, you must access the Play Market or AppStore. On Android or iOS.

In the electronic clock, you must configure the territory option. The territory is chosen depending on the region in which you live. Once the territory option is configured, a special form appears on the screen. Fill it out in the following order:

- A unique code on the back cover of the device in ID format, then a 10-digit numeric combination;

- Parent account, which should contain 4-16 Latin characters;

- Login;

- SIM card phone used by the child;

- Password, in which 6-12 characters;

- Repeat password.

Once all the fields are completed, click the "OK" button. Then, the parent account can be used to communicate with the smartwatches of several children simultaneously.

IMPORTANT! Remember that children must have different connection data. Then you will unequivocally understand from which child a certain notification was delivered.

Some important recommendations

Before activating the watch, read the instructions provided with the device. In general, the SIM card should not have a PIN code. If the clock does not start, then it means it is there.

Before activating the watch, it is recommended to fully charge using the original charger. At such watches, the battery capacity usually does not exceed 300 mAh.

After the device is activated, the application can be changed with any other that fits. Usually, a link to the application in the form of a QR code is on the box, as well as in the instructions on the watch case.

Look behind the clock. It should have stickers with all the identifiers. We recommend that you take a photo of all the stickers individually. So that the inscriptions can be read. You may need these photos when you need to reactivate your watch. The watch ID can also be found on the device.


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