The Xiaomi Mi 11 is designed for movie lovers. Xiaomi has combined exceptional hardware with state-of-the-art movie software. The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G is filming like a director. With exceptional film effects, anyone can be a director. Use One-Click AI Cinema to easily turn your videos into movie masterpieces. Your videos will be brighter and brighter even when you shoot them in the middle of the night. The Ultra Night Video option uses RAW-level AI to reduce real-time noise and improve contrast by increasing the light level.

Ultra Night Video mode makes it possible to shoot scenes even in very low light conditions (less than 1 luxury). Due to the reduction of real-time AI noise in RAW level algorithms and light enhancement, the images are automatically illuminated and the details much better. The HDR10 + system is exceptional and revolutionary because it adjusts the brightness information scene by scene. This translates into bringing more clarity to the videos, revealing every shadow or dark detail so that each image is as close to reality as possible.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone has a sleek screen, with unbelievable clarity. DisplayMate, one of the most respected screen rating agencies in the world, rated this screen with A +.

The ultra-high WQHD + resolution of 3200x1440 pixels allows almost 1.8 times more pixels compared to FHD + displays. The screen can display more details, so you can enjoy 1440p high-resolution video content. In addition, the smartphone uses state-of-the-art E4 Organic Electroluminescence organic materials which further improves the screen's effectiveness. The display of the Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone gives a wide spectrum of bright colours, which allow a fluid transition from one colour to another.

The refresh rate up to 120Hz allows you to enjoy a fluid visual experience, especially when you play. The AdaptiveSync display will automatically select the most appropriate refresh rate, providing a consistent response while optimizing power consumption. The maximum touch scan rate is 480Hz, which means that the Xiaomi Mi 11 offers the fastest response to the user: when you type, when you scroll, when you play. The screen responds instantly to your actions, which means an incredible advantage during gaming sessions.

Xiaomi has collaborated with the best experts to improve the acoustics for the two speakers of the Redmi Mi 11 phone, and the result is one to match: high quality, vibrant sound. From now on, your audio experience on the phone will be unparalleled when you watch a captivating movie on the phone, you play or when you listen to your favourite songs.

Captivating and durable, the curved Quad design is here for an immersive experience when looking at photos or watching videos. At the hardware level, the Mi 11 was equipped with a sensor that prevents the device from responding when accidentally touched. Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus ™ glass makes the screen even stronger: 150% increase in drop resistance and 200% scratch resistance. The back of the phone has a rounded, curved shape, which allows an extremely comfortable grip.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 mobile phone enhances Wi-Fi 6 experience with 3.5Gbps bandwidth and 106% higher internet speed.


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