DSV backs the Niederrhein Tennis Trophy (NTT). The DTB ranking tournament series on the Lower Rhine is the biggest in the world. The final Masters tournament will be sponsored by DSV.
Over the summer, amateur athletes compete in ten ranking list tournaments at different locations on the Lower Rhine. From September 29 to October 2, 2022, the Masters tournament by DSV will be the big finale.
Lars Zimmermann, who runs NTT, is excited about the partnership. He said, "We are proud to have DSV as our main sponsor. We're sure this will also help our participants and help us make the NTT even more professional in the future."
Tom Zwicker, Manager of Marketing at DSV, says this about the partnership: "We are thrilled with the trust and collaboration we have with NTT. DSV is a big company with over 1,000 employees in the Lower Rhine area. Many tennis players work there. We want to get involved in the Lower Rhine and not only be a logistics partner for the industry but also do our best to help the area where we work. With the NTT, we support a thriving and future-focused tournament series that gives ambitious crackers, hobby players, and spectators a great time."
As the title sponsor of the tournament series and the Masters, DSV will have different advertising and branding rights on and off the court and in communications. The "DSV Player's Lounge" moves from event to event, among other things. The new NTT Masters by DSV is a highlight of the partnership. At the beginning of October, the best people in each age group meet here to decide who will be the DSV Champion in 2022. The Masters tournament is one of the most popular sports tournaments. It has a lot of different events and promotions that make it stand out.

Visit www.ntt-tennis.de to learn more about the Lower Rhine Tennis Trophy.

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