Since last year, Citroen has been selling the Ami electric car in France. The German launch was initially scheduled for 2021, but this will not begin as planned. So instead, Citroen's German sibling company Opel provides its version based on the Ami, the Rocks-e.

Opel was purchased in 2017 by the PSA Group (Citroen, DS, Peugeot), which combined with Fiat Chrysler this year to become Stellantis. The Citroen and Opel brands will progressively share technologies and markets.

"Given the difficulties of the current pandemic and the time required to implement a fully digital sales experience - from ordering to delivery - it is critical for this unique mobility solution to use our resources as optimally as possible," said the portal at the request of Edison from Citroen's German headquarters. The firm is happy with the large number of orders received in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the Benelux, and "as a result, Citroen will focus on these countries when the Ami is released, before introducing the Ami in other countries."

The Citroen Ami, which is categorized as a vehicle class L6e-BP, features a closed cabin with seating for two persons. The e-mobile measures 2.41 meters in length, 1.39 meters in width, and 1.52 meters in height. It can reach 45 km/h in 10 seconds thanks to a 6 kW (8.16 PS) electric motor. According to the WMTC motorcycle test cycle, the 5.5 kWh battery provides a range of 75 kilometers. The Citroen Ami can be charged in three hours using a standard home outlet. The usage is claimed to be 119 Wh/km.

Citroen sells the Ami in France for a down payment of 3000 euros and a monthly lease cost of 19.99 euros. Prospective purchasers are provided it after subtracting a subsidy of 900 euros, including VAT from the purchase price of 6000 euros. The business has not yet announced the cost of the Opel Rocks-e in Germany. We're simply talking about a price of "less than 10,000 euros," according to Edison. Unlike in France, no funding for this sort of vehicle has been secured in Germany.

Because the Opel Rocks-e, like the Citroen Ami, is classed as a light car, it may be driven by young persons aged 15 and above with an AM1 driving license. The technical specifications are identical to those of the Citroen equivalent, except the optics. The Opel Rocks-e features the new "Opel Vizor", which includes LED headlights and indicators. The Opel Rocks-e is expected to go on sale very soon, according to Opel.


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