The Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid combines elegant design and excellent performance. Its efficiency character is underlined by a purely electric range of up to 56 kilometres. With the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid, you will receive a free Wallbox.

The Ford Kuga Hybrid with self-charging technology combines a highly efficient 2.5-litre Duratec engine with a large battery-powered electric motor, also available with AWD all-wheel drive. The system recovers the energy usually lost during deceleration. The larger battery is capable of storing more energy to further fuel savings and even travel short distances on electric power only.

In the Ford Kuga, versatility and functionality seduce no less than its design. Comfortable roof bars, exceptional towable load, flexible interior - this Ford SUV offers endless possibilities and plenty of space. Just one example: thanks to the adjustable rear seats, you can choose yourself whether you want to benefit from more legroom in the rear row or an additional load volume of up to 91 litres.

When it comes to protection when Ford designed the Kuga, it thought not only of you and your passengers but also of other road users. That is why the Ford Kuga guarantees maximum safety for its occupants as well as for pedestrians and cyclists. This high level of protection is also confirmed by the 5 stars obtained in the strict safety tests conducted by Euro NCAP. @wiki.


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