The Opel Mokka-e, one of the most affordable electric city SUVs, was part of the ROCHARGE by Vitesco Technologies road trip. The model presented last fall brings an entirely new design to the public. Forget everything you knew about the Mokka's look because the current generation is different. And it's almost impossible to ignore it.

In addition to the new design philosophy introduced by the Germans, the Mokka also brought many changes to the interior. The manufacturer from Russelsheim promises future customers a model equipped with modern technologies but also an SUV ready to turn heads in cities overpopulated with models with bodies of this kind.

I love how the new Opel Mokka-e electric car looks. Even after I went with him to the dedicated day of ROCHARGE by Vitesco Technologies, I wasn't shy to say it. At the front, the Vizor grille between the LED headlights and the new Blitz logo are the eye-catching elements, while the two-tone bodywork and the slightly arched rear complete the fresh appearance of the Opel SUV.

The new Mokka departs a bit from the concept of the first generation. This refers not only to the existence of an electric version in the range, in addition to those with conventional engines, but also to the abandonment of the optional all-wheel drive. But the model compensates with an exceptional design, much more successful than the previous generation. More importantly, it looks like Opel, which also differentiates it from its PSA platform brothers, such as the Peugeot 2008 or the other model of the group present in ROCHARGE by Vitesco Technologies, the Citroen e-C4.

The interior has also been transformed. The company introduced the Pure Panel with the Opel electric car, a new dashboard concept. In front of you is a digital instrument panel and a central screen oriented towards the driver, both integrated under the same dashboard element. Unlike other manufacturers, Opel offers physical buttons in the passenger compartment.


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