Many modern clothing or linen products are covered with Teflon. This begs the question, "What is a Teflon fabric protector?" Well, the Teflon fabric protector is a layer that provides clothing and underwear protection from stains, mud and liquids, without affecting breathability, performance, touch or appearance.

What is Teflon and why are tablecloths covered with this fabric protector?

Items covered with this fabric protector will last much, much longer! Liquids spilt on Teflon tablecloths should be crammed and rolled and any stain or mud can be easily brushed once dry. Protection against liquid spills, such as beverages, is also provided - such spills can be easily wiped off when wiped clean with a clean cloth. The Teflon fabric protector is an invisible shield that repels water, liquids and dirt from clothing, objects or linen, such as tablecloths.

The advantages of Teflon coating:

There are many advantages to buying Teflon tablecloths. We will list some of them below, as follows:

  • - the tablecloths will dry quickly when they are wet;
  • - liquids and dirt will be easy to clean;
  • - Teflon-covered tablecloths repel water;
  • - are much more durable;
  • - provides long-term protection against dust, dirt and stains.

When cleaning Teflon-coated tablecloths, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions as printed on the label. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Teflon tablecloth:

  • - Remove any leaks or stains as soon as possible with a clean sponge;
  • - Use soapy water for oil stains;
  • - Wash at a maximum temperature of 40c;
  • - Use detergent and rinse well;
  • - Do not use bleach, fabric conditioner, do not dry artificially and do not clean chemically;
  • - After washing, ironing the tablecloth reactivates the anti-stain treatment;

As you can easily see, Teflon tablecloths are perfect for restaurants or other such businesses, such as function rooms, ballrooms. Of course, they can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes and fit perfectly for any type of event. Think about how much stress you will relieve if you use these types of tablecloths in your restaurant. Plus you will save a lot of money because you no longer have to take the tablecloths to the dry cleaner.

As the tables in a restaurant or any business in the hospitality are extremely used, waterproof tablecloths are a perfect choice. They are extremely easy to clean and they are not expensive either if we look at the value for money. We highly recommend them, of course, not only to employers in the field of hospitality but also to people who appreciate quality things. @via velvetcushion.


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