The new Ferrari 296 GTB sports car is not only a plug-in hybrid that can drive purely electrically but also the first street-legal Ferrari with a V6 twin-turbo engine. But don't worry, when 830hp system power meets an unladen weight of just 1470 kilos, impressive driving performance is expected.

After the Ferrari SF90 Stradale presented in 2020, the Ferrari 296 GTB is the brand's second plug-in hybrid. The 7.45 kWh battery of the 296 GTB offers enough energy for a purely electric range of 25 kilometres at a maximum of 135 km/h. But the real highlight is the V6 Biturbo. In contrast to the all-wheel-drive SF90, the power of the 296 GTB goes exclusively to the rear wheels. Power is transmitted by the well-known eight-speed double clutch.

The most important facts about the Ferrari 296 GTB:

  • ● plug-in hybrid with 7.45 kWh battery
  • ● the electric range of 25 kilometres
  • ● newly developed V6 Biturbo with 663 hp
  • electric motor with 122 kW (167 hp)
  • ● system output of 830 hp
  • rear-wheel drive
  • ● eight-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • ● 0 -100 in 2.9 seconds / 0-200 km / h in 7.3 seconds
  • Top speed of over 330 km / h
  • ● Active aerodynamics
  • ● Optional with Assetto Fiorano Package
  • ● Vehicles will be delivered from spring 2022
  • ● Base price from around 270,000 euro

Visually, the Ferrari 296 GTB is clearly based on the SF90 Stradale. This similarity is particularly evident at the front. In both models, the windshield is designed so that it appears to merge seamlessly with the side windows. The 296 GTB with 4.57 meters is a good deal shorter than the SF90, which is 4.70 meters. The highlight is the strongly accentuated and curved rear fenders. They should not only provide proper cooling air but also pay homage to the legendary Ferrari 250 LM.

Ferrari has presented the 296 GTB, but the first vehicles will probably not be delivered before spring 2022.


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