The new buyers of the Fiat 500 electric car can automatically earn the Kiri Coins cryptocurrency while driving, which can be redeemed for a variety of products on the Kiri Marketplace webshop ( ). The more green you drive, the more Kiri Coins you earn.

The aim of the new collaboration between Stellantis and Kiri Technologies is to support the climate awareness of the owners of the new Fiat 500 with a loyalty program that encourages a more considerate driving pattern and consumption.

You must register with Kiri Technologies and connect your Kiri account to the Fiat app. Then you automatically earn Kiri Coins during each ride in your Fiat 500 electric car. The higher an Eco Score, the more Kiri Coins tick into your Kiri wallet, and the more rewards you can buy on the Kiri Marketplace.

Stellantis estimates that with regular city driving, you earn about 1 Kiri Coin per km and each Kiri Coin is worth about 2 euro cents. 

The brand new Fiat 500 all-electric car is the first car from Fiat to be created as an electric car right from the start. 500 is designed for the new technology, and it is available with a level 2 of autonomous driving, technology and equipment not seen before in its class.

The new Fiat 500 electric car is available as a hatchback, convertible and 3 + 1. The electric car can be both purchased and privately leased.


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