You are unlikely to hear a clear answer to this question. So, psychologists believe that a child of 5-6 years can be separated from his family for a short time. But it is better to start such attempts at 8-9 years. But all children are different!

Some children will ask their parents to drop them off at camp. Being self-organized and disciplined. And others are not psychologically ready even at 14 years old.

Before deciding whether to send your child to camp, ask yourself a few questions:

How independent is the child?
Is your child ready to break up?
Does it adapt quickly to new conditions?
Does he know how to keep track of his situation?
Can he, for example, determine if he is hungry or not, why is he out of energy because he is tired, sick?
All this is very important. No less important than the camp schedule and how and who will ensure the safety of your child.

Think about how the child experienced adjustment at school, how he interacted with colleagues, how he suffered separation from his parents. If the child quickly gets used to the school, he will most likely get used to the camp in two or three days.

For a trip to camp to be enjoyable, the child must already be able to brush his teeth, brush, get dressed, take care of his clothes and not be too picky about food. If the child is employed in the sports section and has already participated in competitions in other cities, he is better prepared to be away from his parents. For younger students, it is better to choose a camp near the house to visit more often or to take home in case of problems.

The choice of camp

Choosing a camp for a child is not easy. It is worth taking a responsible approach in choosing a camp for the child. It is necessary to find out how qualified the teachers and doctors are, what kind of food, how many people are in the detachment. How many children are in the room, where is the toilet, is there hot water?

Of course, parents do not always have the opportunity to visit the camp in advance and talk to counsellors. Usually, you need to rely on reviews, ratings, images, and reports on social networks. Famous camps have their website where you can find all the necessary information, as well as photos and news from events.

If a child is going to camp for the first time, it is still better to choose the camp recommended by your friends, which children of about the same age have already visited.

How to prepare your child

Before travelling, you need to discuss with your child how to behave in different situations. Explain the basic rules of hygiene: how often you take a shower, wear clean underwear, brush your teeth. You can also mention possible conflicts in the new team - he needs to know how to react.

Remind them of the basic rules of team interaction: it's important to share with friends, to help other children, not to throw things around, not to laugh at others. Explain that it is urgent to inform adults about all health problems, from scratches to stomach pain.

It is better to prepare things with the child. It is not recommended to give your child an expensive smartphone, laptop, valuables and money in the camp.

It is very important to support the child, to call him at least once a week, to text him. And the most important thing for parents is not to panic and to be convinced that the camp will be a useful and necessary experience for the child.


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