Mercedes-Benz Trucks plans to start production of its first electric series-production truck. Initially, the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck will be offered in twelve European markets, as the company announced at the world premiere of the vehicle on Wednesday. The production site is in Wörth am Rhein, Germany.

However, the vehicle, whose range Mercedes-Benz claims to be up to 400 kilometres, will not be a bargain. The price is about three times that of a comparable diesel truck, said Andreas von Wallfeld, Head of Sales & Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

For customers in the transport industry, however, the total costs, including items such as fuel, maintenance and wear and tear, are more important than the pure purchase price. With these total costs, the eActros is almost on par with similar diesel vehicles. Among other things, it depends on diesel prices and the promotion of electric trucks in the respective markets. In addition, diesel bans in cities are being discussed. When they come, it is no longer a question of cost, but of whether you are still allowed in.


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