Ford has now developed its own interactive "Escape Room game concept" and implemented it in the new Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. In the concept game, which has a spy theme, the players must perform a secret mission where the goal is to have a package delivered. Tasks are handed out over the speakers in the car. The electric seats, the hands-free opening of the tailgate, the car's air conditioning, and headlights are elements of the game or are used by the players in different situations.

Apart from the climate control and the speakers, the game does not control any other functions when the car is in motion. However, unlike a classic Escape Room game, players can also leave the car when it's safe and whenever they want without ending the game. The game is installed on an iOS device and can be viewed in the car using Apple CarPlay and proprietary software and hardware.

"Although this is first and foremost too fun for us, it also shows what is possible with the technology we have in our electric cars today. We can create an interaction between electric car and driver that can open up completely new possibilities, such as an interactive user manual for the car or driving training", says Carsten Starke (technical expert interior materials & customer experience for Ford Research & Advanced Engineering at Ford Europe).

The escape game is currently only a concept developed by Ford of Europe in collaboration with the Software Enablement & Research team at Ford's Emerging Technology & Innovation group and the IoT group in Palo Alto, California. Ford's Escape Room game was developed to show how gaming can help more people become more familiar with the car's many features. It also shows what can come of new applications that both entertain and train the driver and passengers when they charge the electric SUV or - in the future - drive an autonomous car.


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