According to, Carlos Sainz will have the new Ferrari engine fitted in the upcoming Formula 1 race in Turkey, which teammate Charles Leclerc already had in his vehicle in Russia. This also implies that the Spaniard will start the race at the tail end of the pack.

Sainz is presently running on three engines that will be utilized in the 2021 season. Ferrari installs a fourth engine will receive a grid penalty (see the current engine overview). The same thing had happened at Leclerc in Sochi, who had to travel back as well.

Carlos Sainz was able to experience an updated version of the hybrid system, which should provide an additional ten horsepower. The major reason for the modification, according to Ferrari, was to acquire experience for the 2022 project. Every manufacturer can release an upgrade for performance enhancements this season before the units are frozen beginning next year.

Ferrari wants to collect as much data as possible ahead of the new season, so it opted to alter the components as soon as possible. As a result, in Sochi, Leclerc was pushed back owing to more pressing demands, while in Istanbul, Sainz will be pushed later because they didn't want both drivers competing in the same race.

"I can sense that it is a little better," Leclerc remarked on Friday after training in Sochi of the new Ferrari power unit. However, Ferrari does not want to divulge how significant the performance improvement is: "I'm not going to quantify it. It is strictly confidential, "Mattia Binotto, the team's manager, underlines.


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